Yellow Hills: The Best Regional Cuisine Restaurant in Uttarakhand

When it comes to culinary excellence in Uttarakhand, one name stands out: Yellow Hills in Dehradun. Recently awarded the Best Regional Cuisine Restaurant in Uttarakhand, it takes pride in giving its customers the feeling of an unforgettable dining experience that captures the rich roots of this region’s cuisine. This guide will highlight why Yellow Hills is the best restaurant in Dehradun and how it serves the best local dishes in Uttarakhand.

A Culinary Journey At Yellow Hills

Uttarakhand is often referred to as the ‘Land of Gods’ due to its beautiful scenery and calm atmosphere. Equally captivating is its culinary tradition, which Yellow Hills has mastered. Yellow Hills prides itself on being the best regional cuisine restaurant in Uttarakhand. The restaurant’s menu is filled with local dishes made from authentic ingredients and cooked using traditional methods.

Every dish at Yellow Hills tells a story. You can expect to savour all the Himalayan region delicacies from Joshimath Rajma to Jhangore ki Kheer, ensuring that diners experience the authentic flavors of Uttarakhand.

Why Yellow Hills Stands Out As The Best Place To Dine Out?

  1. Authentic Flavours: The authenticity of every meal served at the restaurant separates it from other dining areas. This can be attributed to their chefs, who have perfected conventional cooking methods, ensuring that every feast truly embodies Uttarakhand’s genuine tastes.
  2. Locally Sourced Ingredients: This award-winning regional cuisine restaurant stands out amongst others because it uses locally procured supplies for food production. As such, most farmers end up getting buyers for their produce, while this chain guarantees freshness and quality and ultimately yields sustainable, tasteful meals.
  3. Welcoming Atmosphere: At Yellow Hills, there is a warm atmosphere that welcomes diners, making them feel at home while they dine together. Eating there or taking away their mouthwatering meals becomes more enjoyable when friendly staff attend to your needs in a cozy setting.

       4. Conserving Culinary Heritage: Winning the best regional cuisine restaurant award in Uttarakhand is a reflection of Yellow Hills’ commitment to preserving and promoting the food traditions of this area. Each plate on its menu represents Uttarakhand’s diverse cultural legacy.

What Can You Enjoy In Our Authentic Pahadi Thali?

Yellow Hills takes pride in offering Authentic Pahadi Thali, which exhibits the very best local dishes in Uttarakhand. This thali takes you on an edible journey through the area’s rich food history that includes:

  1. Joshimath Rajma: A flavorful dish made from kidney beans sourced locally and cooked well with traditional spices.
  2. Palak Kafuli: It is a nourishing dish prepared from spinach and fenugreek, which are thickened using rice or wheat flour.
  3. Lal Chawal: Red rice, which forms a staple diet of Uttarakhand, is prepared in such a way as to bring out its unique nutty flavor.
  4. Jakhiya Aloo: Potatoes flavored with Jakhiya seeds (type of jeera) have an uncommon and fragrant taste that is peculiar only to them.
  5. Mandwa Roti: Flatbread made from finger millet – a nutritious and traditional crop.
  6. Gahat Poori: Deep-fried flatbread made from horse gram flour adds flavor to your meal.
  7. Masala Mattha: Spiced buttermilk as an excellent accompaniment for meals.
  8. Kheera Raita: Cool cucumber-flavoured yogurt-based side dish that contains various local spices.
  9. Jhangore ki Kheer: A creamy dessert made from barnyard millet, a lovely way to end any meal.
  10. Bhang ki Chatni: An exceptional sauce prepared from hemp seeds that adds spiciness and nuttiness to the thali.

Celebrating Excellence

Being acclaimed as the best restaurant in Uttarakhand specializing in regional cuisines is a significant milestone for Yellow Hills. This underscores the hotel’s commitment to showcasing the best local dishes in Uttarakhand through culinary brilliance. Yellow Hills is sold out every weekend because it is known as Dehradun’s finest restaurant by food enthusiasts seeking an experience of original flavors from their region.

A Dining Experience Like No Other

Many have described Yellow Hills in Dehradun as among the best locations to taste the most delicious local delicacy of Uttrakhand. The combination of authentic flavors, locally sourced ingredients, and cozy surroundings makes for an exceptional dining experience that you will never forget. Whether you are a resident or just visiting this area, Yellow Hills offers an opportunity to go on a gastronomic tour with a difference, leaving all of your senses wanting.


Yellow Hills has set a new benchmark within Uttarakhand. By sticking to traditional cooking methods and using only the local ingredients possible, it has earned itself the accolade of being one of the best restaurants in Dehradun. At Yellow Hills, you can enjoy Authentic Pahadi Thali, which features some delicious dishes that represent our culture and heritage, from which each item represents different aspects of life.

Next time you visit Dehradun, make sure to visit Yellow Hills and embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates Uttarakhand’s rich heritage.