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Lakhori Chilli Powder



Yellow Chilli originated in Lakhor village of Uttarakhand. Lakhori mirch is very hot and is ideal for curries, biryani, and chutney.

Weight – 100g

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Experience the vibrant taste of Yellow Hills Lakhori Chilli Powder. Made from sun-dried Lakhori chillies, our exquisite powder infuses a delightful fiery essence into your recipes. Whether you’re whipping up zesty curries, savoring stir-fried delights, or adding an extra kick to your snacks, our Lakhori Chilli Powder elevates your culinary adventure.

We’re committed to elevating your dishes with the finest spices at Yellow Hills. Our Lakhori Chilli Powder is a kitchen essential, celebrated for its adaptability and ability to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts.

Don’t compromise on flavor – opt for Yellow Hills Lakhori Chilli Powder and let your dishes dance with authentic, spicy flair. Place your order now and savor the exceptional taste that our premium spice brings to your table.


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