Top 10 Tremendous Health Benefits of Honey


Top 10 Tremendous Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a saccharine, thick syrupy liquid honey bees make by the nectar secreted from plants.
The color, odor, and flavor of honey are determined by the type of flower from which the nectar has been collected.

How is it made?

Bees collect nectar from different types of flowers and then store it inside wax structures called honeycombs.
Each type of bee has its particular job in making honey, and as soon they start constant fanning of their wings, evaporation starts happening, which results in the formation of a sweet, rigid substance called honey.
It has an indefinite shelf life and, if stored with care, can be used for a long time.

Uses of honey

Honey is a natural sweetener and can be used anywhere.
From cosmetics to food, honey can be used in all fields.
It can be used as a spread on top of bread, as an extra additive to tea, as a sweetener to beverages.
It is also used in the making of different types of cosmetic products.

Benefits of honey

1. Honey has high antioxidants

There are Phytonutrients present in honey that are accountable for its antioxidant properties, as well as its antibacterial and antifungal ability.These antioxidants also help in fighting against diseases by boosting your immune system.

2. Helps in fighting against cold, cough, and fever.

Have you ever been sick, and your mother told you to take a spoonful of honey with lemon?
This is because honey contains antibacterial properties, which help fight against fever, cold, and cough.

3. Helps in improving heart health

The increased amount of antioxidants like phenolic acids and flavonoids present in honey could help in improving cholesterol levels, which can help in decreasing the risk for heart disease.

4. Effective in healing wounds

Honey has been proven effective in healing wounds for decades.
During ancient times honey was used as a primary healer; even nowadays, some people still prefer honey as a natural healer.Honey has antibacterial properties that help wounds rejuvenate faster.

5. Natural energy drink

Do you know honey can be an instant energy booster?
Just adding one tablespoon of honey to your regular water can serve as a natural energy drink and provide you with instant stamina.So Instead of using chemical added energy drinkers, you can use honey as a natural energy booster which is 100% organic and also much healthier for your body.

6. Fights tooth decay

Are you a sweet tooth but is scared of overeating sweat because of fear of tooth decay or cavities? Well, here is what we have found for you.
Despite being a sweetener, honey has been proven effective in not only dealing with gum decay but also it reduces the amount of acid produced in your mouth and stopping the growth of bacteria present inside your mouth. It also prevents tooth enamel erosion.Honey has been proven effective in treating Teeth and gum diseases like gingivitis, bleeding, and plaque.

7.Acts as a Natural Sleeping Aid

Just taking a single spoon of honey before you go to bed can prove a blessing to your lifestyle.
In this hectic generation, with all those busy schedules and work, having a good sleep is very much needed, but as many responsibilities we have, it gets pretty hard to get stress-free sleep.
Tho honey can be consumed any time of the day but taking it just before bedtime can act as a better energy source for your liver as it supplies an ample proportion of glycogen to the liver.

8.Good for your hair

This might appear to you as an unusual use of honey, but yes, some people use honey as a natural dandruff removal agent for their hair.
Honey has some anti-fungal properties and antiseptic hydrogen peroxide that not only helps in removing dandruff but also makes your hair looks sleeker and more robust, resulting in minor hair fall.

9.Make your skin look fresh and glowing

Do you want naturally glowing and healthier skin without much effort?
Like you want to flex your skin to your friends but are too afraid to try out new market products as they might or might not suit your skin?
Well then, honey might be a cure for this problem. The Exfoliating properties present in honey can eliminate your dead skin cells and make your skin look brighter.Using honey can also help you Lighten your skin complexion, thus making your skin look fair.

10.A healthier alternative to sugar

Honey, a natural sweetener, is considered a much healthier alternative to sugar because of several nutrients and antioxidants.Also, as it is much sweeter than sugar, only a small quantity of honey can do its work.
It also has a lower GI value than sugar, making it better for blood sugar than regular table sugar.

Out of all the variations present, which one should you choose?

Here we have read about different uses and benefits of honey, and now what if I tell you, you can get all these and that too with the insurance of your health and safety just in a single jar of honey?
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Our honey is collected from Uttarakhand and packed in a hygienic environment without any processing or adulteration.
We don’t pasteurize, heat, or process the honey. As a result, the flame dwells on all its beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes.

We have different variants of honey, and you can choose whichever you want according to your preferences.

You can try all you want because our honey is not just easily accessible but also reasonable in prices as compared to other organic brands.
You can add a single tablespoon of honey to your warm or cold water or milk and enjoy it as per your like, and it will do miracles to your health and fitness.
If you don’t trust us, try yourself and let us know about your experience.

By – Smriti Nautiyal