COVID 19 and YellowHills


COVID 19 and YellowHills

Last year, in the year 2020, everything in our lives came to a halt; the world came to a stop, and what was impossible to believe became logical.

Nobody ever imagined that being near to their loved ones could be the cause of their death in their wildest dreams. Yes, you’re all correct.  I’m referring to the world’s deadliest COVID.19 virus, which shocked not only our country but the entire world. Traveling and eating at a fancy restaurant is a long way off. Even the most mundane tasks, such as going to the grocery store or the office, seemed to be an impossible chore.

What we eat, where we obtain our food, and how it is produced, stored, and prepared are all areas where the coronavirus pandemic is forcing enormous reconsideration.
The demand for organic, sustainable foods increases as people become more aware of the health benefits of a natural, balanced diet. Organic implies being free of any artificial chemicals, flavors, or enhancers. Artificial preservatives are recognized to be absent from organic food.

However, The primary issue now is deciding which organic foods to purchase. There are a lot of organic food manufacturers out there, but are they selling top-quality organic food?
Is the brand organically certified? We at Yellow Hills went on many tangents before deciding to only serve you with high-quality, conveniently available organic food.

We bring you all of our favorite spices, teas, handmade goods, and other household essentials straight from Uttarakhand’s pahad districts. We recognize that covid hurts people’s emotional and financial health, which is why we designed our products extremely affordable so that they would be available to individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
We strive to give the best at the most affordable prices while meeting the most promising health demands.

We deal with the most excellent quality honey, teas, pahadi dinner meal, and home design products like candles and carpets, in addition to rice and beans. Now let’s talk about the second most important problem that has come up during this pandemic: employment. We were taught in the past that only the male was the dominating member of a household and that only they had the right to go out. Work and provide for your family. This belief is still held in certain houses today; however, during many covers, male and local artisans lost their daily source of income as a result of Covid 19. Living became difficult, and many families suffered financial difficulties, and it was at that point that our society’s women demonstrated that no woman is less than a man. The ladies of Uttarakhand were allowed to demonstrate this by being a part of our small venture. Our beloved Uttarakhand women handpick, make, and back everything we curate for you. Not only do we assist women, but we also help our state’s local crafts people. We make it a point to contribute at least 5% of our earnings to them. So, by purchasing our products, you are not only picking the best organic and healthy food for yourself, but you are also contributing to the lighting of many homes with even the most minor purchase.