Top 6 health benefits of consuming Sesame

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Top 6 health benefits of consuming Sesame

You all must be aware of Sesame oil. But have you ever wondered where it is extracted?
Now, I know most of you must have used “Til” once in your kitchen but might not know that til is popularly known as sesame seeds, and it is from where sesame oil is extracted. On these beautiful breezy winters day, til serves a superb diet to turn your diet. You can try various dishes made by til, such as Til k laddoo, til ki pakodi, til ki khichdi, etc.

Some of the benefits of til are:-


Is your hair falling out? Large quantities of sesame seeds should be consumed. Sesame seeds help the roots grow more robust. The high omega fatty acid content of the sources helps to encourage hair growth while also mending the damage. They also assist in moisturizing the scalp and increasing blood circulation, which aids in hair follicle regeneration.


Sesame seeds are high in antioxidants, which help reverse the effects of aging and give you younger-looking skin. Sesame seeds are rich in oil, and the oil present in sesame seeds is highly beneficial for your skin. They are high in anti-inflammatory characteristics, which aid in the natural healing of redness, sores, and other facial skin disorders.


Fibre keeps the digestive tract flowing and is suitable for your digestive system. Sesame seeds are rich in fiber which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.


Sesame seeds contain vital minerals like magnesium and potassium, which help to enhance bone mineral density. To put it another way, potassium aids in conserving calcium in the body, minimizing urine calcium loss. Magnesium is most well-known in the human body to build bones, particularly connective tissues (cartilage) and teeth. These vital minerals complement one another to improve total bone health. And Helps in making your bones stronger and healthier.


An increase in cholesterol levels causes cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and heart Stokes that’s why you need to add sesame seeds to your diet. It helps lower the cholesterol level hence reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Helps in blood sugar control

Because sesame seeds are low in carbs and high in excellent protein and healthy fats, they may help with blood sugar regulation. They also include a plant chemical that may be beneficial in this area.

sessame seeds

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